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    Foshan Glory Building Materials CO.,LTD

    Foshan Glory Building Materials CO.,LTD

    Call us at 86-757-86365120 or Leave us a message
    Products List
      Stainless steel sink
      Ceramic tile
      Sanitary ware
      Shower Room
    Contact us
    Tel: 86-757-86365120
    Phone: 86-13760901874
    Fax: 86-757-8636660
    MSN: yolanda993@hotmail.com
    Skype: yolanda993zhang
    Yahoo: yolanda993zhang
    E-mail: info@fs-glory.com
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    About us  

    Foshan Glory Building Materials Co.,Ltd.(GLORY) is a modern company  located in Foshan,Guangdong Province of China .GLORY is a large company specialized in selling  all kinds of building materials. Such as  CERAMIC TILE,SANITARY WARE ,BATHTUB ,JACUZZI, SHOWER ROOM,STEAM SHOWER ROOM  AND STAINLESS STEEL SINK ,etc.

    Our expertise lies in good quality  and competitive  price  that ensure our clients enjoy our products .On the basis of providing mutual benefits and more convenient services. GLORY has strict rules on its quality control, price system and a...[More]

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    Tel:86-757-86365120 Add:20/F Tongji plaza foshan city Guangdong province China.
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